I admit that I change my strategy a bit. Instead of aiming for the winner, I go for the quintella and tierce bet instead. So, if you look at my selection, you could potentially see 3 digit payout.

Recently I had a very interesting experiment which I set aside some budget just to bet Joao Moreira horses only. I’ll share with you the results in the next post.

Here are my value pick for tonight races for your reference…

Race 1 – 12 Mega, 9 Flying Keeper, 8 China Good

Race 2 – 11 Peaceful Mission, 7 Golden Gunner, 9 Mr Award

Race 3 – 3 Pearl Win, 1 King Derby, 9 Creative Union

Race 4 – 1 Starting Over

Race 5 – 9 Super Team, 5 Young Talent, 11 Panther Run

Race 6 – Open race but I go for 1 Braveness, 8 Master Sommelier

Race 7 – 8 Ovett, 4 Step Faster, 2 Rainbow Fighter

Race 8 – 4 Ho in one, 2 Classic Jewellery, 7 Mr Medici

Good luck !


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