This is the first time I seriously look into Hong Kong Horse Racing. First of all, I would rate the information ( data ) HKJC given to public rated 10/10.

If you go to the HK Race Card, click on the link to download a PDF copy of race card for the day. You will be surprise to see the amount of information you can obtain there. Comparing to the racing guide in Melbourne and Singapore. You need to pay for it.

Hong Kong Horse Racing Race CardI guess, it is one of the best way to promote racing. Assuming you are a season horse punter or handicapper, after reading the PDF file I would say that you gain massive knowledge and insights on how to analyze the race properly.

The only thing you won’t find here is TIPS. That’s normal because they should not be giving you TIPS and suppose to be neutral party.

At a quick glance, you will know who are the leading jockey and trainer in the country and which jockey to watch out.

Since young, I am an avid fan in Singapore horse racing and I have been following Joao Moreira since then. I remember I read an interview he did for Singapore Turf Club, Moreira said that he will call the trainer to ask for ride. That could be one of the biggest selling point for him where he will take the initiative, secure the ride, perform track work, barrier trial and  other kind of preparations. In short, he deserved the success. By the way, he had a 8 out of 8 in Singapore and I am smart enough to follow through and get 5 winners 😀

Ok, back to Hong Kong racing …

I picked 3 horses on Wednesday night which ridden by Zac Purton which is Moreira close rival in Hong Kong. Not sure coincidence or bad luck. The 3 mounts by Purton was beaten by Moreira. So, should I love or hate Moreira ?

Happy Valley Results 2013-12-11


Hopefully this Sunday, I can get a better pick.