My inbox starting to receive multiple betting offers from online betting company which I signed up. Before I go into what I am going to back, let’s look at the odds.

Apparently market is supporting 6 – Mongolian Khan.


From SportsBet. I like their interface, very informative.


Today I start with betting plan of $100. Let’s look at the deal I am receiving.

Email from SportsBet


After reviewing their terms and condition, I found that it is not worth for me depositing all my capital. For $100 deposit, I am receiving only $75 bonus bet.


But wait … I am getting confused. Why deposit $25 will give me $25 ? I thought it supposed to be $75 ? The terms and condition never easy to understand. I’ll clarify with SportsBet if I have chance.



However, the deal from Tab.Com.Au attracts me. I got a 100% deposit match up to $100.


My game plan would be deposit $75 with Tab and $25 with SportsBet. Total Bonus Bet I will be getting would be $75 (Tab) + $75 (SportsBet).

Now, back to the game plan. I am not trying to analyze all the horses. I would assume that the horse are fit and capable to win. From the results in past 5 years, top weight only won twice.


and my betting consideration today are purely based on jockey selection.


There are a lot of handicapping criteria which we can use but for my initial pick, I will go for the followings.

5 – Hokko Brave ( Craig Williams )

12 – Hauraki ( James Mc Donald )

3 – Fame Game ( Zac Purton ) , my personal pick.

Since Nicholas Hall is not riding, I’ll go for Dwayne Dunn or Damien Oliver.

Normally, I am not in favour to play trifecta using 5 horses. So, I need to exclude Dwayne or Oli’s horse. Because of the bonus bet, I decided to give it a shot.



Need to grab my lunch now and ready for the big day.

Good luck !