When I migrate to Australia back in 2012, the entire horse racing scene over here are new to me. All the while, I have been focusing on Singapore and Malaysia horse racing scene. It took me a while to understand the metropolitan races, country racing and how the system works.

In this article, I am going to share with you my personal strategy on how to get started in horse racing for a new country or location. To make things simple, I am going to use Hong Kong horse racing as an example.

Understanding Trainer and Jockey Ranking

I always like to use the 80/20 rules. 80% of the winners are dominated by 20% of the trainer / jockey. So, by focusing on the top 20% of the trainer and jockey, we can roughly gauge who will be on firing line every week.

Let’s look at the trainer ranking table over here. By focusing on J Moore, C Fownes, J Size, A S Cruz, C S Shum, P O’Sullivan and KL Man for this season, our chances of winning a race will increase.



Next, we will look at the jockey ranking. We will noticed a clear cut in terms of performance. The top 3 jockey – J Moreira, Z Purton and D Whyte almost dominating the leaderboard.



So, whenever the top 3 jockey riding on the top 5 trainer’s horses, we can assume that the winners might potentially coming from them. The method, I am proposing here has nothing to do with handicapping knowledge. It is just basic and simple probability.

Couple with some handicapping elements, picking a winner from the race is not hard.