Joao Moreira Says He’s Your Man

With Melbourne Spring Racing 2014 coming up in October, I started to shift focus back to Australia horse racing. As you know, I have been involved in Singapore and Hong Kong races most of the time.

The news that attracts my attention was my idol Joao Moreira gonna pick up some rides in Randwick, Sydney. Without much thought, I just invested $10 on Win for every horse Moreira going to ride. For those who are not familiar with this jockey, he has a good striking rate and I have been following his bet from Singapore to Hong Kong.

The winning tote payout are from Tatts.Total invested is $60 and I have a nice net profit of $69.


If you looked at the Race replay, Moreira tried his best to ensure that the horse got the best placing. However, his determination in Race 3 – Hampton Court landed him into some trouble.

“You can’t use the whip in successive strides before the 100 metres and you can’t hit them more than five times in a forehand manner before the 100 metres,” Murrihy said. “Do you know how many times you hit it?”

To which the jockey responded: “To be honest, I’m not sure, sir.”

Said Murrihy: “Ten times. Three in successive strides. You agree you’ve hit him 10 times and three times in succession?”

Moreira agreed.

Under Australian rules, jockeys are only allowed to strike a horse in a forehand manner five times before the 100m and at no time in successive strides. Oh oh…..

You can watch Hampton Court race reply here. The excitement starts in the last stretch after home turn.

Then, in Race 7 Group 1 Epsom Handicap, Moreira piloted He’s Your Man to beat stablemate Royal Descent by a nose.

I did not expect it can finish after hit by some bumpy starts.




Approaching the last bend, he pulled out the horse to get a clear run.



The last 100m, all the horses are accelerating




and finally, He’s Your Man beaten Royal Descent by a close margin.


You can watch the exciting Epsom 2014 race replay on YouTube.

The happy winning connection rewarded Joao with an Australian Kiss …



I hope to see Joao Moreira back for more riding action in Melbourne this month.