Sometimes, I just feel so lazy to start blogging again about horse racing. Have been getting a lot of fun punting in Australia. Going to TAB or probably bet from home using online bookie such as Tatts, Bet365 and many more are so easy. In the month of September, October and November each year, we have Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne.

The entire nation will be busy talking about horse racing, stakes races and fashion.

However, getting started here is not easy. I need to learn a lot of new terminology, jockeys, trainers and handicap. Not to mention, to understand the data from racing guide, isn’t something straight forward.

As part of my old routine, I shop for racing form in 7-11 and Newstand in the city. I can’t find anything until a friend of mine introduced me an online form called Best Bets.

Best Bets Racing Form

The layout is similar to a guide called Racing Guide which you can get only in Singapore. Unfortunately, I am not able to get any good racing form over here.

Guess what ? I created my own racing form instead. Crazy huh ?

Own Racing Form

Since Melbourne is 3 hours ahead of Singapore and Hong Kong. I can spend more time with my family and start to get involved late afternoon. That’s the part I appreciate the most. Not to mention, Friday night racing.


Next post, I will try to cover some racing terminology used in Australia which will confused new OZ punters.